According to a recent study by the University of Maryland Medical Center, approximately 60 – 80 percent of the adult U.S. population experiences lower back pain and or spinal pain, and it is the second most common reason people go to the doctor, but thanks to a newly launched service by Ageonics Medical, spinal pain sufferers will now be able to experience relief with the “Full Body Approach.”

“Our service targets the full body,” said Jeffrey Jamieson, doctor of Chiropractic for Ageonics Medical. “We take the full body approach to spinal pain, which is the best way to provide more than temporary relief.”

Jamieson, a top chiropractor who is often recognized as a leading lecturer in leading a healthy life as a regular speaker to city and federal organizations, said he launched the Full Body Approach, because sometimes working out and eating healthy (like veggie burgers, which are his favorite) isn’t enough.

“I treat the root-cause of the problem,” said Jamieson, who was educated at PennsylvaniaStateUniversity, RutgersUniversity, Empire State University of New York, Swedish Institute, and New YorkChiropracticCollege.

As a board certified doctor of chiropractic, radiology, personal training, nutrition and massage therapy, Jamieson pointed out that his services go beyond the basic treatment.

“I treat patients with much more than just an adjustment. I see it as an overall health experience,” Jamieson said, before adding, “A new more holistic approach to pain management by provided light massage therapy, physical therapy, and nutritional and training advice. The patients leave with a better understanding of the effects your lifestyle can have on your health.”

Jamieson noted that he works directly to positively affect a patient’s mind, body, and spirit.

“Through a blended use of all of my board certifications, I treat all the areas to ensure your pain is relieved and you maintain a positive and active lifestyle,” Jamieson said.

As to how patients rate the results of Jamieson services, one patient identified as Enisa Cohen, gave his two thumbs up.

“Dr. Jamieson was awesome,” she recalled. “He explained everything to me from what was seen on the X-ray. I would definitely recommend him.”

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