Chiropractic and Other Medical Specialities

Chiropractic and the Eyes

Numerous chiropractic doctors have seen cases where vision was improved though the use of chiropractic adjustments. Most notably in recent years, medical literature that was peer reviewed with much scrutiny contains many cases and findings noting this vision improvement. One may be most paramount in these findings is the physiologic proponents that explain how these clinical results could be achieved. The top eye doctor in nyc showed various ocular changes associated with manipulation or adjustment are described. Included are changes in visual acuity, oculomotor function, intraocular pressure, and pupillary size.

Chiropractic and Sinus Infection

Upper cervical neck adjustments relieve the tension on your brain stem, which then allows your throat to be more relaxed and allow your sinus passages in your head to drain. Too much tension in your neck restricts the nervous communication to your sinus passages, which then causes pressure that restricts drainage from happening. The New York City Sinus Surgeon showed us this is why chronic sinus infections happen — when there is extra pressure on your sinuses and no outlet for the fluids. These fluids provide a continual breeding ground for bacteria to grow. Antibiotics will kill the bacteria, BUT if you do not remove the fluid they will grow back quickly.

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