Ageonics Medical is proud to announce the opening of a third convenient location in midtown Manhattan. Their full service of medical specialites ranging from nutrition to NYC chiropractic care can now be access at 20 East 46th Street New York, NY 10017 Suite #1102. This additional location allows for the adding of another specialty treating HIV. Also there most frequently doctor will now have additional space to treat more patients.

Dr. Jeffrey Jamieson, DC is a doctor of chiropractic with decades of experience treating all ages from toddlers to the elderly. After speaking with Dr. Jamieson he stated, ” We are excited to offer additional space and exposure to our HIV specialist. His waiting list was backed up over 6 months. Additionally I now am able treat almost twice as many patients with chiropractic care.” Dr. Jamieson is hoping this midtown location will open up his services and his staff to more people outside of New York City because of its proximity to Grand Central and Port Authority Bus Terminal.

Dr. Jamieson is a highly regarded Chiropractic Doctor that has treated newborns as young as 6 weeks old. The doctor is known for careful treatment of newborns in helping aid sleeping problems and colic. His range goes as far as sports injuries and whiplash from car accidents. It is well known that the nervous system is directly related to the spine and long-term trauma can cause spinal misalignment.

About Us

Dr. Jeffrey Jamieson is a licensed chiropractor that graduated New York Chiropractic College and runs the full service medical group called Ageonics Medical. Their Murray Hill and Downtown locations have been serving the Tri-State areas for years. Their third location at 20 East 46th Street New York, NY 10017 Suite #1102 had its grand opening this week. For further information about Ageonics and their range of medical offerings please call 347-708-3947.