Many people suffer from pain associated with the back, neck, joints in the arms and legs, and of course, headaches. Chiropractors in New York City attempt to rectify these problems by focusing on the musculoskeletal system, nervous system and the effects of these disorders on your overall health. Here at Ageonics Medical, our chiropractors treat all areas to ensure that your pain is relieved to help you go back to a normal life.

How Chiropractors Treats Pain?

Our chiropractors identify and correct issues that stem from a misalignment in the vertebrae, which disrupt the neurological communications between your brain, cells and the organs of your body. They also practice a hands-on approach while using no drugs to help our patients. With us, you will receive full patient care including examination, diagnosis, and treatment. The chiropractors also have vast diagnostic skills, and are trained in recommending therapeutic and rehabilitative exercises that are tailored to your pain.

Chiropractic Adjustments

You might experience some mild soreness or aching following a treatment, but it should go away within a day or two. Most of the time, lower back pain is treated by using a routine method. However, if there are other medical conditions, we may try other treatments to relieve the musculoskeletal aspects associated with the condition. Chiropractors in New York City will provide you with much relief by using a well thought out therapy plan that is catered to your needs.

Top Reasons for an Adjustment

The main reasons for an adjustment are age, childhood injury, bad posture, injury and work-related issues.  Although work related reasons only compromise a small percentage of back problems, it can lead to bad posture.  As much as we like to prevent accidents, we are not always able to prevent falling on ice, or even a car accident. The trauma to the body from these accidents has potential to damage your structural balance. This is referred to as subluxations, which are the slight structural bodily shifts that can create abnormal and painful stress. This stress can stretch or condense nerves, which can affect all areas of your body including the brain.

Moreover, chiropractors find and adjust these subluxations to help you get back to feeling like yourself, and have a healthy spine.  We can fix these subluxations with safe techniques which are known as adjustments. What most people tend to neglect is their body may be misaligned after an injury, which could lead to future complications. That is why the treatment of a chiropractor is essential.  Millions of people can attest to the dramatic improvement in their pain and disability by using the realignment therapy offered by us.

In addition, over half of the people who suffer from accidents never entirely recover because of the pain and disability associated with the accident. However, you should be aware of the potential relief that New York City chiropractors can give you after an injury. This can be done without the use of medication or surgery.  We, at Ageonics Medical, strongly recommend that you consult our chiropractors, regardless of the severity of your injury. We can properly diagnose and check for damage to ensure your road to recovery is a smooth one.