Physical Therapy Manhattan

People receive physical therapy treatments for various reasons. Usually physical therapy is needed because of diseases or injuries that take away the abilities to properly move body parts. When this happens it can be devastating, adding emotional problems to physical disabilities. That’s why physical therapies are so important to a person’s total recovery. There are many different types of physical therapies targeted for particular areas of the body.

Physical Therapy Manhattan

The benefits of physical therapy are many. Besides teaching patients self-management skills, physical therapies help to increase muscle strength and endurance, and restore joints and improved coordination. Muscle spasms are reduced and joints are improved by decreasing swelling and inflammation, making for an overall improvement in mental health as well as physical well-being. Most importantly, physical therapies work to return more independence to patients.

Why Physical Therapy?

Ageonics medical provides our physical therapy manhattan service on a single patient treatment method to patients utilizing our specialized techniques.

The patient is guided from the initial healing stages through an appropriately aggressive Physical Therapy treatment program. The goal is to return to a maximized comfort level, as you were prior to the issue. Skilled Therapists perform mechanical, movement, and biological testing to build specific recommendation and insights into your individual plan.

The treatment program is guided by the patients’ goals at onset and continues with frequent updates as you progress.

physical therapy manhattan

Avoid Injury with a comprehensive physical therapy plan

My chronic pain from a work accident could never be relieved, which cause me never to fly and see my family. After the unique methods at Ageonics I was on a plane home in 3 months. I can not thank you enough. -James Stern

Athletic injuries are essentially orthopedic injuries which have a sport specific component. Our goal for the athlete is to return the patient to the sport quickly, while preventing re- injuries through proper warm up and training procedures. At Ageonics Medical, our program is extremely effective, helping return patients to previous levels of sports activity through exercise.