Joseph Olivieri, M.D., FAAFP

Dr. Joseph Olivieri, M.D., FAAFP

Doctor Olivieri is a New York local with degrees from Fordham University and Albany Medical College. His tenure has spanned over 4 decades and has brought him to be seen as the premier specialists in HIV treatment. Dr. Joseph Olivieri has held many esteemed titles from Staff Virology (HIV) Physician at NYU Medical Center to HIV Medical Director at the Greenwich House. Dr. Olivieri’s work has been cited in multiple publications including the British journal Sexually Transmittal Disease and the HIV skin disease clinical atlas. He also provides his expertise to the New York HIV Health and Planning Council as a Lead Advisory Member.

Joseph G. Olivieri, M.D. also served as the Director of the Ambulatory Surgery Center of Brooklyn and a Diplomat in the American Academy of HIV Medicine and the American Academy of Family Practice with 40 years of clinical and research experience. Dr. Olivieri’s diverse professional experience reflects his passion for medicine as a whole as well as his continuing mastery of developments in medicine most relevant to his specialties and most socially critical. Dr. Olivieri began his career as an Attending Physician at Lutheran Medical Center and, later, Associate Professor in Family Practice at Stonybrook Medical Center.

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Dr. Olivieri watched attentively and with concern as the decade of the 1980s unfolded with its growing unrest and lack of knowledge regarding the HIV epidemic. Noticing, too, that some of the negative attitudes regarding HIV had spread to the medical community and that patient treatments were being compromised as a result, Dr. Olivieri took action. He joined St. Vincent’s Hospital as an HIV Scholar for the AIDS Institute, then transitioned to the NYU Medical Center as Physician for the HIV Clinic, and soon worked his way up to HIV Medical Director at Greenwich House.

Over the years, Dr. Olivieri has published articles, made presentations, mens health lecture dr jospeh olivieriand given talks about how to combat HIV-related symptoms. Moreover, he has helped thousands of patients succeed not only in their battle against diseases of the immune system but also in their efforts to resist the life-quality-compromising symptoms of old age, including loss of energy, loss of muscle mass, decline in sex drive, and overall drop in physical and mental well-being. In addition, Dr. Olivieri was recently awarded the Patient’s Choice Award for 2010 on the basis of patient satisfaction. Outside of his busy profession, Dr. Olivieri is a multilingual enthusiast of resistance training and world travel and is an avid reader on all matters pertaining to current events, world history, and art through the ages.

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