This is a small, extremely well run (and no-nonsense) clinic. I have known Dr. Olivieri since the late 1990’s – whose aggressive approach to treating HIV has been very beneficial to me then and now. He’s friendly, quick, efficient, and still surprisingly knowledgably. Dr. Jamieson is an outstanding chiropractor – again – friendly, efficient, holistic, and no-nonsense. He encourages his patients to recognize the immediate benefits of physical therapy, and the benefits over time. Dr. Serdar Cetinbas has a very likeable, friendly demeanor – but like the other doctors, he wastes no time getting to the heart of the matter. I find him to also be surprisingly knowledgeable, and like the other doctors, unpretentious. It is a busy office – so if you call, don’t be surprised if you’re asked to wait a minute or two. One might mistake this for attitude – but it’s efficiency. I’d say that fools are not suffered gladly here. The Park Avenue location is a plus – and an eye full. As you can see – I can’t thank the clinic enough (and don’t arrive late!).