I’ve been going to a chiropractor since I was born so naturally I’ve been looking for a good one near work that I can grow with. My first appointment opened my eyes to the plethora of services Ageonics provides. NOTE: I attended the 80 Maiden Ln office, not 36th St.

Dr. Ian Ferrar is a nice and honest family man who shows real interest in his patients. When I was told they wouldn’t up-charge me like other doctors and my co-pay was $30 cheaper than I thought it would be, I was hooked. And the happiness continued when I was treated to a heat ultrasound, electronic stimulation treatment, short massage, and adjustment for the smaller co-pay, which happens at every appointment.

His assistant who takes care of the first three services before his adjustment is lovely and always greets me with a smile and asks if the stim feels okay.

All in all, I’m really glad I found this place and have had multiple successful visits and treatments. I already feel my year-long stiff neck loosening up!