Stress causes wear and tear on the body as a result of anxiety, worry or exhaustion from a difficult or challenging situation. Help relax by implementing these 8 ways to reduce stress into your daily routine. These simply but effective tips are presented and spoke about often by Dr. Jeffrey Jamieson a top New York City Chiropractor and Nutritionist.

8 ways to reduce stress

Is stress controlling your life?

8 Ways to Reduce Stress

    1. Take deep breaths: Breathing deeply lowers blood pressure, relieves muscle tension and helps you relax.
    2. Keep a sense of humor: Laughing release the tension of pent-up feeling and helps you keep things in perspective.
    3. Exercise: Find exercising, challenging and satisfying forms of exercise that are convenient. Brisk walking and swimming are excellent choices.
    4. Leave work at the office: Keep a separation between your professional and private life. If you must work long hours, go to the office early when you are fresh from a good night’s sleep.
    5. Make realistic goals: Unattainable goals usually lead to failure even when you have had a productive day.
    6. Communicate: Clear communication can relieve you from confusion of not knowing what is expected of you.
    7. Handle difficult tasks first: Get the hard stuff out of the way. People tend to be more productive and focused in the morning than in the evening.
    8. Get organized: Look at large projects as a series of steps to complete one by one. Don’t fret about the enormity if a project.


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